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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

This mischief I wonder!!!

It is with great grief that I write this particular article.
Last year,around this time, I experienced an unimaginable loss of a wonderful and dear person. Today,I hear of the death of a young woman my age,whom I knew during my childhood days.
These two make the bases of my write up today.
A question I asked myself,I will ask you all now!
Who really knows what will happen to him or her the next minute? If you know,kudos to you!
Then,I can bet with my life that no human being,not even the greatest scientist nor magician can predict tomorrow correctly.
We rule our lives,but we are not owners of our lives.
We can only control what happens in our lives but not what happens to our lives!
We can rule the world but we cannot control the world and what befalls it!
That's why rain falls as it pleases,sun shines when it feels like,hurricanes blow our cities up as they deem fit and death sweeps people off the earth,not minding the age,status or family it visits.
So let's stop behaving like we know tomorrow or we control the world for it's only the Creator of tomorrow,our lives,the  future and the universe that understands and knows what happens next.
That's why we have to live our lives not only to please us but also to please him,God Almighty!
Let's live our lives like it is our last!
I don't mean it like the naive men will say,when they are about to knock their brains out with loud music,fast lanes and bottles of intoxicating drinks.
I mean every aspect of our lives.Let's use wisdom in everything,with the knowledge that we can leave this world anytime.
Our only prayer is when that does happen,let our lives be in tune with what has been written in the Holy Book.
I am not being religious because I hate to be,but I am being realistic.
Whether you choose to believe me or not,that's the actual fact!
Imagine someone whose being diagnosed of cancer with metastases every part of her body and she has only five minutes to live,how she will behave and things she will do?
Imagine someone moving free and screaming out loud,only to be stopped by someone,who tells him he has only two days to live?
How about you or me,who doesn't even know when it will happen to us?
That means everyday we wake up to see another dawning of the day,we should be thankful and as we've had set goals,let's be mindful of our characters,our reactions,our thoughts,our deeds,our entrances and exits,for even the difference between a good and bad day,is our behavior!
Go about your life,like it is nobody's damn business but don't forget that God and death cares what you do with it!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

SPARKLING OUR LIVES!: Pride vs humility!!!

SPARKLING OUR LIVES!: Pride vs humility!!!: The sayings "pride comes before a fall"and "humility is a true test of one's patience"are both expressive in their o...

Pride vs humility!!!

The sayings "pride comes before a fall"and "humility is a true test of one's patience"are both expressive in their own ways.
 Pride makes you  think you are already up there.When you are up there,it is very difficult and somewhat impossible for you to see what's above you.You are not even able to see below you and it's only a matter of time before you fall off.
The moment you get to thinking you can do everything you want to or you are better than other people,it's only a matter of time before you start making mistakes and destructions that comes with pride,thus following. 
 Pride is an inwardly directed emotion that carries two common meanings.With a negative connotation,pride refers to an inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishments,synonymous with hubris.With a positive connotations,pride refers to a satisfied sense of attachment toward one's own or another's choices and actions or towards a whole group of people.
However,as human beings,you need a lot of care and caution to be taken into consideration and ability to put your ears to the ground.
 Pride can be a virtue but when it becomes a vice,it I'd often termed vanity or vain glory,which had sent many men to their early and unfortunate downfall.
Humility,on the other hand,helps you see both what's above and beneath you.It gives a clear cut view of life and its contents.
Humility needed not to be over emphasized ,as every man born of a woman,achieves a lot through subjecting himself to humility.
It mustn't be imposed on anyone as when it is done,it is no longer humility but humiliation.The concept of humility addresses intrinsic self-worth,relationship,socialization as well as perspective.
"Acting with humility does not in anyway deny our own self worth,rather,it affirms the inherent worth of all person,"quoted from the Christian Bible Reference Site.
I took time out this week to study both pride and humility in their various positive and negative connotations .
Pride limits us and prevents us from becoming best and extraordinary or worthy to look upon by others,for we've already praised ourselves, raised our shoulders high,and dusted off what others might think,even at the expense of others.
Humility,on the other hand,helps us by giving room for us to become better and better everyday,without oppressing others in the process.
I choose humility,I pray you do the same.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Flying on eagle's wings(arising on your gentleness to become great)!

My confession today:I will control myself,no matter the situation I find myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being silent and gentle and letting God fight all your battles is the wisest strategy to winning.When you ride on the eagle'wings,not carrying any excess luggage ranging from hatred,bitterness,
unforgiveness,and troubles of this world you will land not only safely but on greatness.
When you confess anything,let it come from your heart,so when you are asked from now onwards,how you are doing,simply reply by saying,'I am great!'
 When people are expecting you to spit fire,smile and remain silent.Don't contribute in ridiculing others and laughing at their weaknesses.Only failures do that,don't join them!
 Don't let the spirit of bitterness spring forth from you and don't let anger rip you off the eagle's back.Hold your head up high,no matter how tough the road is,you wll get there.we will get there!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Choose your VIP not your VOJ(in courtesy of Our Daily Manna)

I was very privileged to read our daily manna during the regular family devotion session today.I learnt a lot and decided to share.VOJ is described as Voice Of Judgement.This voice drives us into condemning our selves,even before anyone does.Hmm,self discovery is good.The moment we discover or recognize our VOJ,the better for us as individuals.At some point,we have been guilty of this particular crime of self-condemnation and self-criticism,forgetting that we are only humans,hence our imperfections.No one should even think others are better than them by mere eye-wandering,for there is more to what we see.Everyone has his or her own imperfections,we are only perfect in God.
 I learnt that VOJ comes from the accuser whom we refer to as the devil.We have to learn to silence that voice which keeps telling us we are not good enough.Simply recognizing the voice,we have broken the spell of self-hatred and self-contempt.We should remember that every new day we see,is yet another opportunity to right our wrongs and be better.
I am not perfect,you are not perfect and no man is above mistakes!Only, we have to be willing to listen to instructions,being careful not to make the same mistakes we did in the time past.
 No matter what is happening to you,self acceptance is the key to inner peace.Forgive yourself and move on with your life,leaving behind anything that will kill your joy.Be honest with yourself,we can't change certain things about ourselves,like our parents,our heights,our origin,all the injustices around you.The only thing we are capable of changing is how we let these circumstances define us or how we think about them.Do we take them as obstacles,challenges or sources of victory?
 Don't hate or beat yourself up,the fact that you recognize your wrongdoings and you're feeling remorseful is enough.Dust yourself up and aim at making a better record.
 Discover your VIP(voice of inspiration and praise) and get used to it.Reject the VOP and build the VIP.God help us all!!!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Four freaking fabulous f's I learnt today!!!!

1.Forget the past.

2.Face the present.

3.Find a purpose.

4. Focus on the future.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Bite a little more stronger and deeper!

The canine teeth are specially made as weapons to tear any food worth tearing but I was too afraid to use them very well.I usually soil my clothes with meat particles and mess my face with the dressing.I didn't know that biting stronger and deeper on my food would make me chew properly and neatly.

 One barbecue afternoon, watching people around me having no difficulty in tearing and chewing on meat,I decided to go a little deeper and stronger.The surprise that met me was really refreshing. I was able to chew well and neatly without soiling my clothes.I know you are wondering what this gas to do with anything.Hold on!      

Everyone in the world had this notion that super eagles football team of Nigeria are incapable of break through this FIFA World Cup 2014 season,but I observed the determination and efforts in their last match played against Argentina.They got better and played more like a stronger team.This explains the phrase 'anything is possible'.
I will like to add to that phrase,'anything is possible when you push a little stronger,bite a little deeper, play a little harder.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How to know you are still relevant to someone!

1.He still gets mad at you!

2.He still gets worked up by you!

3.He is worried when he hasn't seen or spoken to you in a while!

4;He tries to get you out to safety when there's trouble !

He refers to both male and female !

And just because he desires you doesn't mean he values you!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I live amid crises,which leave me unsatisfied at their best!
From whence i go to whence i come,
Ukraine,i have made my home, and Nigeria,my motherland;
Their waves are slapping the world from left to right,
leaving behind misery and fear in the hearts of the lot remaining!
The cries of the populace only increase the thirst of those who inflict pain on us!!!
They go by such names as boko haram,separatists and pro-russians controlled by oligarchs and top-notch government officials,who perpetrate their selfish acts in the quest for more power and control.
They are above the law,
Genocides,raping,kidnapping,and bombing have become acts of pleasure!
While others go to bed with their eyes wide open,for fear of being murdered in their sleep,
these terrorists go back to sleep in peace as they have gained impunity!
With their egos raised,and pride elevated,they clothe their ill-nurtured bodies with worn out khakis,
and drink from the fountain of rejoicing,
as the concerns and creases of deep frowns from the american government increase with every single day of unrest!
Oh yeah!
lest i forget the period hash tags from american celebrities brought more meaning to their miserable selves!
Separatist,rest your vodka- filled heads!
Boko haram gangsters, rest your ugly heads!
Government,take charge,for when the northern states' occupants in Nigeria,and eastern region of Ukraine,are no more,your heads shall be their next request!
I hear prophesies from different church denominations, of what will become of my nation,Nigeria but i don"t hear of these denominations organizing corporate prayer sessions.
 These situations have passed human hands,
 what we need is a divine intervention from above!
I pray for all these to come and go,without any of us burnt or gone with them!
I can only watch,pray and excel!
There is so much stacking up against us,
and we are running out of time;
But,if we beat against the wild wind,i promise we would be fine!
Let's fill our hearts with what is important and be done with the rest,
For there is not much to do at the moment than to cross our fingers ,and pray that everything will once again be normal!!!!!!!!!
                                RHODA PETER

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

One of my future special days is here

 Did I not tell you all 
this day will surely come?
Last year,I wrote about someone else"s day 
And now I'm alive to write about mine.
I hope you are all happy for me,
Indeed,one good turn deserves another!
Am I not fit to wear the rope?
Am I not fit to fix the cape?
Am I not fit to dance around with my cap,flying its tail,according to the rhythm of the music my body produces?
Am I not fit to blow the trumpets and order the drums to talk really loud for a job well done?
Oh yes,I am!
Even if I can't hear you loud and clear,
As such you do is mumble under your breath ,
The birds in the sky are singing a victory song,in harmony and excitement for me.
The trees of the field are clapping their hands and leaping for joy
The heavens are rejoicing on my behalf
The tails of horny dogs are swinging in satisfaction!
I have fought a good fight 
And I have finished gallantly!
 I wait today for the long anticipated handshake from the rector of L.S.M.U,
to congratulate and say to me,"you are now a university graduate,Dr.Rhoda!!"
Hey you! 
Don't drag nor be envious of anyone,be patient ,your time will soon come!

Sunday, 11 May 2014


 By Lori Alexander (ALWAYS LEARNING)

Mothers Need Their Children

One of the early morning news programs was explaining all of the hormones that are released when a woman gives birth to a child to bond her to that child. Then as the mother nurses her baby, more hormones are released that bond the two together.

Fathers don't have these hormones. Grandparents don't have these hormones. Caregivers don't have these hormones. Only mothers towards their children. Mothers need to be with their children just as much as children need to be with their mothers. God created us that way and it is His way. It is unnatural for mothers not to raise their children.

No one can take the place of mothers no matter what feminists or our society tells you. You are replaceable in any job you may have but you are irreplaceable in the life of your children. Don't think of this as a negative as Satan would love you to think but think of it as a positive, something marvelous that only our loving Creator could create.

You, mothers, are the most important person in your child's life. As they bond to you and you bond to them, they will be able to bond to others much more easily as they walk through this life. Your worth is immeasurable in the life of your child. You are creating the next generation of godly offspring.

Never think your life is not important. Yes, it can get monotonous and difficult at times but you are storing your treasures in heaven, your children's lives. Nothing is more important than that. So this Mother's Day, remember your value and worth in your children's lives and be thankful for God's created order.

Happy Mothers Day!

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”
Proverbs 31:25-30

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The C.I.C. syndrome

C.I.C. syndrome refers to Comparison Inferiority Complex syndrome!
Quotes from others on this;
Mark Twain;Comparison is the death of joy!
Shannon Alden;Personality begins where comparison leaves off!
Oprah;keep a gratitude journal so if C.I,C syndrome hits you,you can open and read it to see how far you have come!
I have read,understood, learnt from them,and i have my on take on this.
ME;When stories of others'success are being told,listen with your ears and be happy for them.Keep your eyes fixed on the road to yours and appreciate how far you have come.If you are tempted so much to take your eyes off the road to look at others",close your eyes and count your blessings!!!!!!!

A C.I.C syndrome patient;
There was a time she used to be the youngest in her class and she couldn't help but wonder what the rest of the class were doing with their lives,which ended each of them in the same class as she.
As she graduated and went into the university,she realized there were students way younger than her in the same class as she.She began to ponder and wonder what happened to her life that made her to be in the same class as them.She became sad,intimidated and gradually,C.I.C syndrome set in.

Now,she failed to realize she was living her life like everyone else did theirs,just not on the same path!Everyone has a different path to take in life.Not withstanding what speed or direction,all we need to do is to stay on track.You need not compare your life to others',otherwise,you lose focus,get discouraged,become impatient, too sure of yourself(pride),or even fall off the wagon!

Another instance, you never think of yourself as beautiful as others when you take a group picture.Stop taking group pictures until you have learnt to appreciate yourself.Discover your inner beauty and your outer charm.Stop comparing yourself to others,for while you don't like how you look,someone else is wishing to look like you.If you are hell-bent on making a change,let it be from you and because of you.If it is because of others,you will never think or feel you are good enough no matter how much you try.

My Cure;Close your eyes and count your blessings!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 25 April 2014


Crying,i packed my duffle bag with some stuffs that would last me on my journey to finding the guy in the red hood:When i was a little girl,i used to be hopeful but now my eyes are filled with sadness,bitterness and shattered life with a determination to find the guy in the red hood!
 I hopped into my truck and sped off on a journey which i am hoping  would give me closure.
 I reached out to the police once again for assistance,but the D.P.O warned me never to call that line again,and all the memories i carried within me kept me on track and with even more zest for truth and discovery!
After many miles of driving,i was finally at my destination,i moved into a motel to plot on how to trap the man in the red hood.        
 I laid on my back and watched the ceiling,drawing imaginary circles with the movement of my eyeballs!
I sighed,took a peep through the window and saw it was raining heavily.Despite the heavy downpour,i went outside and let the rain soak me till my clothes hugged my body and i started shivering with my teeth grinding against one another.I was standing there for a while,lost in my thoughts and suddenly,my eyes wandered across the road,there  laid an unconscious little girl with a boy clinging to her and in  his eyes were tears and helplessness.She was struck down by a hit and run driver.He called out to me.'Help,my sister is dying!'
 The next i remember,i was at the emergency section of a hospital,pacing and waiting for a doctor to say something to me.
'Are you miss Steven?', a young doctor asked.'Yes,is the little girl okay?,i asked.
'She's stable,and  a bit broken but she will make it out alive!'
I heaved a sigh of relief and went to see the girl.I kissed her forehead and was about leaving,when i sighted a familiar face,the boy with some stranger at the nurse"s counter.
'What is your name,sir please?",I overheard the nurse asking the stranger.
'I'm James Stanley"!Suddenly,the name rang a bell and the next i knew i was calling out the name.
"James Stanley????''
''Yes?'',he replied.
'I am Jennifer,Jennifer Wilson"
'Jen?oh my God!!'
We hugged,and he explained to me, the kids were his next-door-neighbor,presently living with their granny.
That moment made me a few steps closer to meeting the guy in the red hood.I got to know where James lived,and we started spending time together.One day,he asked,'what is wrong?,what happened to that little girl who was so hopeful,writing beautiful stories about how her life will be?"
Then i replied,with tears in my eyes,'That girl died'.
He shook his head and began to tell me his story.He was fighting for his life,waiting on both kidneys' transplant.However,he was still hopeful and full of life
With each passing day,i got closer and closer to James .And one day,i came face to face with him.I was all about revenge,but i found the truth about my late husband"s death,peace and closure.i found hope and love.
Hope saved my life.I started a journey to find revenge but in the end i experienced peace that surpassed human"s understanding.
 I am living and believing because life is so beautiful and magical,full of possibilities.
My friend helped me find what i lost long time ago,i did not feel alone anymore.Love is a powerful magical feeling and nothing can take that away.
Hope you learn from this story as i did!
I learnt there are other things more lasting,and more fulfilling than revenge!love conquers all things!

Friday, 11 April 2014

My flaws and all!

I maybe too shy that it causes me to frown all the time
I maybe too prim that it pisses my friends off
I maybe too far away from God that I find it difficult to call on him when I am in need;
I maybe too slow and sluggish that even the ground I walk on creaks in disapproval
I maybe always behind time that is so hard to rely on me sometimes,
but no one is perfect and no one has the right to judge!!
Each time I wake up into another morning and bask in its freshness,it means I have yet another chance to work on my flaws.
We get better with each passing day!

Sunday, 23 March 2014


When it comes to your dreams and aspirations,
Say no to rejection!
In between small beginnings and great attained heights,will come criticism,scorn,mockery,despondency, frustrations and some other bad stuffs that will do no justice to your person.
Do not be negative through this period,for the worst enemy to you can be you!
Remember,a 'no' response is a step away from a "yes" response!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

what defines us!

3P's that define us as a person!

Purpose;relationship with God.

Pride:our achievements in life(career)

Personality;our reactions to any situation,our love for others besides us(family,friends,people in the society )and the respect we have for ourselves!

Any other than these,is a complete waste,defining us as useless commodities !

Remember ,
You don't have to be abusive to be funny
You can be popular without wasting your time on trivial things.
You don't have to sell yourself short to be accepted by others.
You don't have to be less modest to be beautiful
You can be pleasant without lying your way through it
And,you can be successful without giving up your pride!!!!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The shore full of flowers!

The shore full of flowers
These are delicate spring flowers and their primeval dew,and purity are in the air.....
They are created for gorgeous women who have real lady inside.
Natural and deep colors,softly innocence,delicacy and gracefulness
lines create festive and carefree feelings,emphasizing femininity and charms of their owners.
Each flower well into its stalk,signifying the beauty imbedded in the heart of one strong woman!
Uncountable flowers indicate uncountable women vulnerable and beautiful in their own ways,splashing the society with their attractive colors and qualities.
All they wait for,is to be watered by that strong-abled man called the gardener.
Men take care of the women,for every single woman has the key to unlock the beauty that every society needs.
   Happy valentine's day in advance! 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Happy new month!!!!!!!!!
A month known for love;we all want to(including myself) be loved,appreciated and taken seriously at some point in our lives,but we tend to forget the confusion we put those who wish to do that for us!I learnt something today from a very resourceful man of God;about what we say we are, not matching  up with what we do,if you understand what i mean!
We have to define who we are not only with our lips but also with our feet,,,,both have to be in the same direction;
That way, we do not confuse ourselves and  others.People get to see us just the way we are without any form of confusion,the appreciation and respect following suit.
Be your own kind  of person and mean it,,,even the devil will be afraid of you!!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW MONTH once more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,remain sweet and steady as always!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My pledge

i pledge to myself from this day onward,
to see the good in people always and not to judge their bad,
to learn from their mistakes ,and not follow their paths,
to respect their opinions even when i am in total opposition to them,
to love them and not to please them,
to help them and not be envious of them,
to appreciate what they have and not be intimidated by their acquisitions,
so help me God!!!!!!

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Life is but a wave,
just when you think it is up,it goes down;
You can never be sure of its turnings;
Life never waits for you to be well,
it gives you so much pleasure and yet,
so much pain;
It gives you a whole lot of reasons to rejoice,
but stabs you in the back,causing you so much grief;
As life keeps moving,keep moving as well;
Don't try to take your life because life
did not treat you kind;
For your information;you are not a target,
life hates no one neither has no favorites!
Stop wasting time,life will not wait for you!
Even the tiniest moment of uncertainty
can cause you something in life;
Also,life is not in a hurry;it moves at its own pace!
You can only move ahead of people, not ahead of life,
Do not be hasty in decision making,
for most times,life decides after we must have made mistakes;
Life gives us multiple choices,yet,it does not wait too long for us to choose.
I often hear people exclaim with a sigh,
'Hmmm,that is life for you!!!!'
Whilst i agree to disagree with them,
i still believe it takes one who sees with the eye of an eagle,
to understand and prosper in the affairs of LIFE!!!!!!!!

                                                                          Inspired by my late uncle!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The power to do the impossible lies within you,happy new year!

Prayer for the1st January,2014!

Lord, may I never feel like the victim in any situation. May I keep in mind that you have given me the gift of choice and of freedom, and with your power, there is nothing impossible to do.