Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My pledge

i pledge to myself from this day onward,
to see the good in people always and not to judge their bad,
to learn from their mistakes ,and not follow their paths,
to respect their opinions even when i am in total opposition to them,
to love them and not to please them,
to help them and not be envious of them,
to appreciate what they have and not be intimidated by their acquisitions,
so help me God!!!!!!

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Life is but a wave,
just when you think it is up,it goes down;
You can never be sure of its turnings;
Life never waits for you to be well,
it gives you so much pleasure and yet,
so much pain;
It gives you a whole lot of reasons to rejoice,
but stabs you in the back,causing you so much grief;
As life keeps moving,keep moving as well;
Don't try to take your life because life
did not treat you kind;
For your information;you are not a target,
life hates no one neither has no favorites!
Stop wasting time,life will not wait for you!
Even the tiniest moment of uncertainty
can cause you something in life;
Also,life is not in a hurry;it moves at its own pace!
You can only move ahead of people, not ahead of life,
Do not be hasty in decision making,
for most times,life decides after we must have made mistakes;
Life gives us multiple choices,yet,it does not wait too long for us to choose.
I often hear people exclaim with a sigh,
'Hmmm,that is life for you!!!!'
Whilst i agree to disagree with them,
i still believe it takes one who sees with the eye of an eagle,
to understand and prosper in the affairs of LIFE!!!!!!!!

                                                                          Inspired by my late uncle!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The power to do the impossible lies within you,happy new year!

Prayer for the1st January,2014!

Lord, may I never feel like the victim in any situation. May I keep in mind that you have given me the gift of choice and of freedom, and with your power, there is nothing impossible to do.