Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Saturday, 11 July 2015

When hopelessness shows up at your doorstep!

There is a naughty friend of ours that never stops creeping up on us!
He comes around when we are always up to something good in our lives,especially the really difficult tasks of them all!
Just when we need to put in all we have got,he comes knocking on our doors.And when it seems he's been ignored by us,he finds his way through the window or the back door.He never gives up until he's done what he came to do,which is dropping his little ones,discouragement,disappointment and rejection,for us to baby-sit.
And this really happens when we couldn't get the first task right or we missed out on the first opportunity,he makes us baby sit in misery!We shut our doors and windows, for fear of the mosquitoes of opportunity,because we think we cannot handle just another task again in our lives,as the first one was a disaster.
And thus our lives,we live in misery,pain,and regret for hopelessness will never visit us again,to pick up his little ones from our houses.We start wishing we were stronger to ward him off, the first time he visited us with those kids.
Hey,don't fret!Life doesn't have to be that way for you,because I know deep down you,you want to try again!What you need to do,is toss discouragement,disappointment and rejection,out of your home.Ouch!i know it feels you are mean,as they are just kids.You have to be tough because they are no good for you,and for all it's worth,hopelessness doesn't care anymore!He is going about his own business without a care for those notorious three.
There's a friend just across the road,he will make you not feel bad about doing so.His name is determination,the son of success and reward.He will take you to meet his parents and you will never know what it means to meet hopelessness anymore.I know the road to his parents'house is bumpy and like a roller coaster,but you don't have to suffer through it,you can make it fun for you and take what you meet on the road in faith,so you have a story to tell when you get to your destination,my dear friend!
This is a lesson for you and me.Refuse to worry about what you cannot control!If it's out of your control,why fret about it?Don't be faithless,be believing,for a winner must first know what it's like to lose!