Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Learning to ask questions,seeking opinions of others and never making hasty decisions!

1.A banker had been working in a bank for more than 10 years.On this fateful year,he was given a promotion,a raise twice his former annual income and other benefits.A week after his promotion,he got a call from the bank's headquarters requesting him to tender a letter of resignation due to circumstances unexplained to him, and the caller went on to tell him of the pay off the bank will give to him following his resignation.He asked why the bank needed him to resign when the organization can decide to give him an early retirement ,if his services are no longer needed ,but he was not given a convincing nor intelligent reply.There and then,did he garner something foul was going on.       
2.An auxiliary driver working for the same bank,employed by the above mentioned banker,happened to have a similar experience.After rendering his services for a reasonable number of years ,was called alongside his fellow colleagues,also drivers in the same organization by one of the managers,telling them about some financial struggles the bank is having.He further urged them to resign and the bank would compensate them with fat sum of money.
     Without even thinking for a second,without finding out what others were  going to do,nor even asking the man who got the job for him,he resigned immediately because he heard something about a pay off.
      Now,the stories have similar endings.Just wait!
3.A young graduate from the university happened to serve in a bank as a corper.At the end of his service,the bank decided to retain a few of the corpers as permanent staff members.There was twenty of them in number and the organization needed only ten of them.As such,how to pick ten out of twenty ,the corpers were told about the interest of the bank in them but their salaries would be a sum of thirty thousand Naira monthly which was low for a graduate.They were further told as I quote,"If you donot like the offer,you can take a walk."The young graduate who felt the sum mentioned above was an insult to his degree and person opted immediately to leave without even seeking other corpers'opinions who were also in the same shoes as he was or even asking his father who has had so much experience with the working system of a bank.

For the first example,the bank had no choice but to issue him a letter of retirement alongside a check of millions of Naira currency.He left the bank a happy man although it was premature and he was greatly disappointed in the bank system,because of the corruption that set in.
The second example;the man who resigned with his signature left the bank with nothing.When he asked for the money promised to him,the bank denied ever sending anyone to pass on such news,the organization even emphasized on his self resignation and asking him to pay the bank as he was told he owed the bank some money owing to his actions.Meanwhile,his colleagues who did not resign are still working in the bank up till date without any problems.
The third case,it turned out many walked away from the offer,including the young man.For those few that remained,they were sent on a training course of three months.On returning,were given a permanent and befitting spots in the bank with salaries fives times the amount earlier stipulated.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

So,I have been so inconsistent on posting what new lessons I have learnt these few days!
I have allowed other things take my attention off doing what I love,
That is an error iI am publicly correcting,for whilst I was being distracted,some one's life out there would have been affected positively.
Now,that is a lesson I have learnt,never to let anything get in the way of impacting on others!