Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Sunday, 21 July 2013


Upon all the beautiful places in the world,
There is no place like home,
Cherish yours ,so as I do mine,
Never forget your roots,
For when you are lost or have nowhere to go,
You can always find your way back home!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Graduation brings joy,relief and a sense of achievement among folks!It is a time when money is spent without a specific figure!I remember my graduation from secondary school,i felt good but anxious.Anxiety was there because i was graduating from that phase of my life into another.It gave me chills because i did not know what was out there waiting for me.I was still very young and inexperienced.
 Now,i am older with a reasonable level of experience.For certain,my next graduation which is coming up soon will have a different effect on me!Whilst i was naive and gullible last graduation,i will be graduating with full awareness of and readiness for what is out there waiting for me,striking against all odds but not falling!
 Summer is the season most graduation ceremonies take place,so,i am aware of the fact that many of us are graduating this summer from different levels of our lives.My wish for you is that you graduate triumphantly from this level of your life into the next level where you will possess all your possessions without deprivation!