Inspirational Prayer of the Day


The analyst(Ambrose,a 30 year old loser!!!!!!)

AT 30,He has nothing to show.
Many of us have not even yet realized that the years ahead of us are less than the years behind us!!!!!!hmm,how tragic!
Here is a story of man who just clocked 30 but has absolutely nothing show for all these years of his life!!
His name is Ambrose,he is an african man who demanded everything from his parents and the ones he could not get from them,he took by force!!!!
I happened to listen to one of his conversations with his mother one day,it went thus
"mummy,mummy,how many times did i call you?"
''Twice,"she answered,''what is the matter?''
''I have been in this house all through the month and nobody has cared to ask if i have clothes,shoes or even underpants,eh?"he roared!
   I laughed hard till my ribs nearly cracked and i did not even notice that the conversation between mother and son had taken a wrong turn.What brought me back to life was the shattering of glasses and stamping of feet.I turned and there was Ambrose with a face as long as day before yesterday grumbling endlessly.I was tempted to move closely to find out how it went but was afraid of what might happen to me because from where i was sitting i could see fire spitting out of his eyes!!!!!!!
   When the situation became calm with the absence of his presence,i went up the mother and i asked,''Hello ma,how old is your son?"
 She started crying bitterly,i was so moved by her tears that i nearly cried but some one had to console her,i pulled myself together,gathered her in my arms,and gave her a warm embrace.After five minutes,she was no longer crying and was ready to talk,for i did not ask any questions,it was she who started telling all,what a disgruntled mother!She was as if she was laden with this problem and was looking for every means possible to lift them off her shoulders!No wonder people say sharing your problems sometimes with others make them lighter on you for i noticed some lines on her forehead disappear as she opened up to me.After telling me all,i was stunned to know Ambrose was 30 years old,living under his parents" roof,with no job,no business,no degree,no future ambition nor aspiration!!!!!!!However,he had a present duty and that was making the life of his parents miserably.I even learnt that the father had disowned him twice.
 So i asked,''Ma"m,why have you not told him to leave your house to go fend for himself?"Her reply was one of the most sympathetic sentences i have heard all my life,my goodness!!!!!!
"Hmm,my dear,i can not,he has nothing,even if we give him money,he will squander it,and would be left with nothing.I do not want him to go stealing or doing even worst things,he is 30 but has the mind of a 13 year old boy."
Wow!!!!!!!I got me thinking about what really went wrong in this young man"s upbringing and exposure.His parents are comfortable even if they are not we will call the standard rich people of the society but from what i garnered they are doing just fine.Ambrose is the first born with four other siblings and yet the others are doing just fine!!!!!
For me i think his parents handled him wrongly,with preferential treatment as the first born,when it got to his head and he started misbehaving,they failed to notice.Now he is 30 and a useless trouble maker!!!!!