Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Saturday, 30 April 2016

How a winner faces failure!

A winner understands he needs to fail at something to know what works for him,in order to succeed in everything!
He looks failure in the face and doesn't react badly,because he understands failure is only temporary.
He interprets failure to mean a setback,that something is re-aligning him for far greater opportunity!
He understands the period he failed,is the only period he will ever fail,so he makes use of the spare time to learn more about himself,discover other skills and appreciate inventions,yet another opportunity to gain power,for knowledge is power!
He doesn't get worried,he fixes what was wrong,so he is not left behind!
He dresses himself as a warrior; a helmet of determination,a spear of faith,a pair of persistent boots,an armor of resilience and clothes of expectation,understanding that against all odds of failure,he must succeed,even if it means,he has to try severally!