Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Saturday, 7 November 2015


Admire others and make them the measure behind how large a mirror you need to get to view yourself!
Let the success of others be an encouragement to you and that path of yours,it should be a stepping stone to your greatness but not the path on which you must tread!
The way you admire others makes you crave such admiration from others,I know,don't let it consume you.
Being consumed by such thoughts and longings,create unwanted loopholes for jealousy.
Who you see in the mirror when you look is yourself,how you pose in front of it determines the effect it gives you!
The appreciation and make overs you do to your life will make you understand how far you have come with making you look good in the mirror.
The larger the mirror the larger the view!Don't waste such large views looking at others!Be happy for others!Let them shine!Do your own thing and have fun whilst at it.Let their shine inspire you,and not to make you perspire!
Rejoice for them and tap into their blessings,be positive that yours is just around the corner.
Envy no one!The simple trick behind you getting yours sooner than you expected,is feeling good about your neighbor"s success!!