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Sunday, 27 April 2014

The C.I.C. syndrome

C.I.C. syndrome refers to Comparison Inferiority Complex syndrome!
Quotes from others on this;
Mark Twain;Comparison is the death of joy!
Shannon Alden;Personality begins where comparison leaves off!
Oprah;keep a gratitude journal so if C.I,C syndrome hits you,you can open and read it to see how far you have come!
I have read,understood, learnt from them,and i have my on take on this.
ME;When stories of others'success are being told,listen with your ears and be happy for them.Keep your eyes fixed on the road to yours and appreciate how far you have come.If you are tempted so much to take your eyes off the road to look at others",close your eyes and count your blessings!!!!!!!

A C.I.C syndrome patient;
There was a time she used to be the youngest in her class and she couldn't help but wonder what the rest of the class were doing with their lives,which ended each of them in the same class as she.
As she graduated and went into the university,she realized there were students way younger than her in the same class as she.She began to ponder and wonder what happened to her life that made her to be in the same class as them.She became sad,intimidated and gradually,C.I.C syndrome set in.

Now,she failed to realize she was living her life like everyone else did theirs,just not on the same path!Everyone has a different path to take in life.Not withstanding what speed or direction,all we need to do is to stay on track.You need not compare your life to others',otherwise,you lose focus,get discouraged,become impatient, too sure of yourself(pride),or even fall off the wagon!

Another instance, you never think of yourself as beautiful as others when you take a group picture.Stop taking group pictures until you have learnt to appreciate yourself.Discover your inner beauty and your outer charm.Stop comparing yourself to others,for while you don't like how you look,someone else is wishing to look like you.If you are hell-bent on making a change,let it be from you and because of you.If it is because of others,you will never think or feel you are good enough no matter how much you try.

My Cure;Close your eyes and count your blessings!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 25 April 2014


Crying,i packed my duffle bag with some stuffs that would last me on my journey to finding the guy in the red hood:When i was a little girl,i used to be hopeful but now my eyes are filled with sadness,bitterness and shattered life with a determination to find the guy in the red hood!
 I hopped into my truck and sped off on a journey which i am hoping  would give me closure.
 I reached out to the police once again for assistance,but the D.P.O warned me never to call that line again,and all the memories i carried within me kept me on track and with even more zest for truth and discovery!
After many miles of driving,i was finally at my destination,i moved into a motel to plot on how to trap the man in the red hood.        
 I laid on my back and watched the ceiling,drawing imaginary circles with the movement of my eyeballs!
I sighed,took a peep through the window and saw it was raining heavily.Despite the heavy downpour,i went outside and let the rain soak me till my clothes hugged my body and i started shivering with my teeth grinding against one another.I was standing there for a while,lost in my thoughts and suddenly,my eyes wandered across the road,there  laid an unconscious little girl with a boy clinging to her and in  his eyes were tears and helplessness.She was struck down by a hit and run driver.He called out to me.'Help,my sister is dying!'
 The next i remember,i was at the emergency section of a hospital,pacing and waiting for a doctor to say something to me.
'Are you miss Steven?', a young doctor asked.'Yes,is the little girl okay?,i asked.
'She's stable,and  a bit broken but she will make it out alive!'
I heaved a sigh of relief and went to see the girl.I kissed her forehead and was about leaving,when i sighted a familiar face,the boy with some stranger at the nurse"s counter.
'What is your name,sir please?",I overheard the nurse asking the stranger.
'I'm James Stanley"!Suddenly,the name rang a bell and the next i knew i was calling out the name.
"James Stanley????''
''Yes?'',he replied.
'I am Jennifer,Jennifer Wilson"
'Jen?oh my God!!'
We hugged,and he explained to me, the kids were his next-door-neighbor,presently living with their granny.
That moment made me a few steps closer to meeting the guy in the red hood.I got to know where James lived,and we started spending time together.One day,he asked,'what is wrong?,what happened to that little girl who was so hopeful,writing beautiful stories about how her life will be?"
Then i replied,with tears in my eyes,'That girl died'.
He shook his head and began to tell me his story.He was fighting for his life,waiting on both kidneys' transplant.However,he was still hopeful and full of life
With each passing day,i got closer and closer to James .And one day,i came face to face with him.I was all about revenge,but i found the truth about my late husband"s death,peace and closure.i found hope and love.
Hope saved my life.I started a journey to find revenge but in the end i experienced peace that surpassed human"s understanding.
 I am living and believing because life is so beautiful and magical,full of possibilities.
My friend helped me find what i lost long time ago,i did not feel alone anymore.Love is a powerful magical feeling and nothing can take that away.
Hope you learn from this story as i did!
I learnt there are other things more lasting,and more fulfilling than revenge!love conquers all things!

Friday, 11 April 2014

My flaws and all!

I maybe too shy that it causes me to frown all the time
I maybe too prim that it pisses my friends off
I maybe too far away from God that I find it difficult to call on him when I am in need;
I maybe too slow and sluggish that even the ground I walk on creaks in disapproval
I maybe always behind time that is so hard to rely on me sometimes,
but no one is perfect and no one has the right to judge!!
Each time I wake up into another morning and bask in its freshness,it means I have yet another chance to work on my flaws.
We get better with each passing day!