Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The shore full of flowers!

The shore full of flowers
These are delicate spring flowers and their primeval dew,and purity are in the air.....
They are created for gorgeous women who have real lady inside.
Natural and deep colors,softly innocence,delicacy and gracefulness
lines create festive and carefree feelings,emphasizing femininity and charms of their owners.
Each flower well into its stalk,signifying the beauty imbedded in the heart of one strong woman!
Uncountable flowers indicate uncountable women vulnerable and beautiful in their own ways,splashing the society with their attractive colors and qualities.
All they wait for,is to be watered by that strong-abled man called the gardener.
Men take care of the women,for every single woman has the key to unlock the beauty that every society needs.
   Happy valentine's day in advance! 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Happy new month!!!!!!!!!
A month known for love;we all want to(including myself) be loved,appreciated and taken seriously at some point in our lives,but we tend to forget the confusion we put those who wish to do that for us!I learnt something today from a very resourceful man of God;about what we say we are, not matching  up with what we do,if you understand what i mean!
We have to define who we are not only with our lips but also with our feet,,,,both have to be in the same direction;
That way, we do not confuse ourselves and  others.People get to see us just the way we are without any form of confusion,the appreciation and respect following suit.
Be your own kind  of person and mean it,,,even the devil will be afraid of you!!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW MONTH once more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,remain sweet and steady as always!!!!!!!