Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Friday, 3 April 2015


Is it indeed a time for change or a time for fringe?
From where I am looking,Nigeria is on a ledge.
Never could have asked for a better election conduct in a country as rugged as ours!
Never in the history of democracy in this nation,has an incumbent government been voted out of office!
All things work together for good right?
I don't feel comfortable with this change until I have seen what it holds in the months unfolding,because we don't know what awaits us.
While we toss the coin of change about,
in our chants and jubilations,let's not forget there are always two sides to every coin! 
 While I don't understand why we should be jubilating and dancing to the tunes of a man ,who is close to kicking the bucket,I must congratulate our incumbent president for his simplicity and youth,"youth",i emphasize in comparison to the one replacing him.Yet,Nigeria is not a country to be ruled by simplicity and soft rebuke.She needs tougher hands and stronger backbones ,which Buhari might want to boast of,as he is more of an advantage when it comes to toughness.As careful and mindful as Jonathan was,he still ended up being wrapped in the web of confusion by the complicated nation and back-stabbing subordinates around him.
After all has been said and done,I still pray for a better nation,where every man will deserve what he's got,where we will be ruled by a better government,when a better tomorrow becomes the best now.
Our destiny lie within our hands,for we are the architects of our very own downfall,as well as our victory!