Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I live amid crises,which leave me unsatisfied at their best!
From whence i go to whence i come,
Ukraine,i have made my home, and Nigeria,my motherland;
Their waves are slapping the world from left to right,
leaving behind misery and fear in the hearts of the lot remaining!
The cries of the populace only increase the thirst of those who inflict pain on us!!!
They go by such names as boko haram,separatists and pro-russians controlled by oligarchs and top-notch government officials,who perpetrate their selfish acts in the quest for more power and control.
They are above the law,
Genocides,raping,kidnapping,and bombing have become acts of pleasure!
While others go to bed with their eyes wide open,for fear of being murdered in their sleep,
these terrorists go back to sleep in peace as they have gained impunity!
With their egos raised,and pride elevated,they clothe their ill-nurtured bodies with worn out khakis,
and drink from the fountain of rejoicing,
as the concerns and creases of deep frowns from the american government increase with every single day of unrest!
Oh yeah!
lest i forget the period hash tags from american celebrities brought more meaning to their miserable selves!
Separatist,rest your vodka- filled heads!
Boko haram gangsters, rest your ugly heads!
Government,take charge,for when the northern states' occupants in Nigeria,and eastern region of Ukraine,are no more,your heads shall be their next request!
I hear prophesies from different church denominations, of what will become of my nation,Nigeria but i don"t hear of these denominations organizing corporate prayer sessions.
 These situations have passed human hands,
 what we need is a divine intervention from above!
I pray for all these to come and go,without any of us burnt or gone with them!
I can only watch,pray and excel!
There is so much stacking up against us,
and we are running out of time;
But,if we beat against the wild wind,i promise we would be fine!
Let's fill our hearts with what is important and be done with the rest,
For there is not much to do at the moment than to cross our fingers ,and pray that everything will once again be normal!!!!!!!!!
                                RHODA PETER