Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Friday, 27 June 2014

Bite a little more stronger and deeper!

The canine teeth are specially made as weapons to tear any food worth tearing but I was too afraid to use them very well.I usually soil my clothes with meat particles and mess my face with the dressing.I didn't know that biting stronger and deeper on my food would make me chew properly and neatly.

 One barbecue afternoon, watching people around me having no difficulty in tearing and chewing on meat,I decided to go a little deeper and stronger.The surprise that met me was really refreshing. I was able to chew well and neatly without soiling my clothes.I know you are wondering what this gas to do with anything.Hold on!      

Everyone in the world had this notion that super eagles football team of Nigeria are incapable of break through this FIFA World Cup 2014 season,but I observed the determination and efforts in their last match played against Argentina.They got better and played more like a stronger team.This explains the phrase 'anything is possible'.
I will like to add to that phrase,'anything is possible when you push a little stronger,bite a little deeper, play a little harder.