Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

One of my future special days is here

 Did I not tell you all 
this day will surely come?
Last year,I wrote about someone else"s day 
And now I'm alive to write about mine.
I hope you are all happy for me,
Indeed,one good turn deserves another!
Am I not fit to wear the rope?
Am I not fit to fix the cape?
Am I not fit to dance around with my cap,flying its tail,according to the rhythm of the music my body produces?
Am I not fit to blow the trumpets and order the drums to talk really loud for a job well done?
Oh yes,I am!
Even if I can't hear you loud and clear,
As such you do is mumble under your breath ,
The birds in the sky are singing a victory song,in harmony and excitement for me.
The trees of the field are clapping their hands and leaping for joy
The heavens are rejoicing on my behalf
The tails of horny dogs are swinging in satisfaction!
I have fought a good fight 
And I have finished gallantly!
 I wait today for the long anticipated handshake from the rector of L.S.M.U,
to congratulate and say to me,"you are now a university graduate,Dr.Rhoda!!"
Hey you! 
Don't drag nor be envious of anyone,be patient ,your time will soon come!