Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

This mischief I wonder!!!

It is with great grief that I write this particular article.
Last year,around this time, I experienced an unimaginable loss of a wonderful and dear person. Today,I hear of the death of a young woman my age,whom I knew during my childhood days.
These two make the bases of my write up today.
A question I asked myself,I will ask you all now!
Who really knows what will happen to him or her the next minute? If you know,kudos to you!
Then,I can bet with my life that no human being,not even the greatest scientist nor magician can predict tomorrow correctly.
We rule our lives,but we are not owners of our lives.
We can only control what happens in our lives but not what happens to our lives!
We can rule the world but we cannot control the world and what befalls it!
That's why rain falls as it pleases,sun shines when it feels like,hurricanes blow our cities up as they deem fit and death sweeps people off the earth,not minding the age,status or family it visits.
So let's stop behaving like we know tomorrow or we control the world for it's only the Creator of tomorrow,our lives,the  future and the universe that understands and knows what happens next.
That's why we have to live our lives not only to please us but also to please him,God Almighty!
Let's live our lives like it is our last!
I don't mean it like the naive men will say,when they are about to knock their brains out with loud music,fast lanes and bottles of intoxicating drinks.
I mean every aspect of our lives.Let's use wisdom in everything,with the knowledge that we can leave this world anytime.
Our only prayer is when that does happen,let our lives be in tune with what has been written in the Holy Book.
I am not being religious because I hate to be,but I am being realistic.
Whether you choose to believe me or not,that's the actual fact!
Imagine someone whose being diagnosed of cancer with metastases every part of her body and she has only five minutes to live,how she will behave and things she will do?
Imagine someone moving free and screaming out loud,only to be stopped by someone,who tells him he has only two days to live?
How about you or me,who doesn't even know when it will happen to us?
That means everyday we wake up to see another dawning of the day,we should be thankful and as we've had set goals,let's be mindful of our characters,our reactions,our thoughts,our deeds,our entrances and exits,for even the difference between a good and bad day,is our behavior!
Go about your life,like it is nobody's damn business but don't forget that God and death cares what you do with it!