Thursday, 16 May 2013


   The first time i heard this phrase "victim of circumstance", I was eight years old.People usually used the phrase when they wanted any one to really understand how severely affected they were by an ordeal that happened in their various lives!It was a cry for pity,sympathy or gratitude to the Creator for not allowing them drown in those horrible situations!!!
    After years of hearing this phrase,taking it in and not doing anything about it,i finally analysed it today.It was saddening to realize that while many of us were fighting against being ,or suffering as victims of circumstances,it would have yielded much more if we had channeled our energy into fighting to become victors of circumstances!
 When the world throws the worst things at you,taunts you,ridicules you,frustrates you,delays your promotion and tries to change you,do not succumb neither allow the world to change you,rather with everything you have got,try to make changes in the world!!!Well,i have heard this one before but i made it sink deep today,creating a great impression on me!