Monday, 13 May 2013

My prayer for a brighter countenance!!!!!!

Please let my eyes be filled with sparkles and wonder!
Let me see the rising of the sun and the morning rain, 
Let me the taste the salt and feel the delight that comes with the morning dew!
Please let me be like a child who is bright and happy to see a brand new day,
happy the night is gone and time for play has come again!!!!!!!!
Let me bask in the light of this new day and let joy continuously fill my heart once again!!!!!!!
My prayer for a brighter countenance,shall they be answered,that i may feel whole again!!!!!!!!!

If you have been down and unhappy due to circumstances surrounding you,let this be your prayer and   
the one who never despises a broken spirit will lift you up again!!!!!
If you have nothing disturbing but just want an everyday bright countenance,let this be your prayer as it is mine too!!!
   Have a blessed day!!!!!