Sunday, 2 June 2013


Annabel grew up in a family of ten.There was no room for her to even have a decent education.She was a star but each time she tried to shine,her constantly drunk father who dealt mercilessly with her mother for not giving him a male offspring,will dim her lights shrinking her to the last bits.
   She lived the life of misery for as long as sixteen years,no education,no trade learning.All she did was join her mother in the farm after hawking some oranges in the morning.In the evenings,she sat outside their hut and counted the stars up in the sky.She would playfully include herself as one of the stars and somehow that usually gave her peace within and conviction that she was made for greatness and one day her statement would change.She never stopped dreaming and hoping.
     One day,as she was hawking some oranges with her usual bustle of joy,a car halted and beckoned on her.She rushed to the car as she suspected it was a prospective buyer of her oranges.
 "Good afternoon ma'm",she greeted and continued,"how many oranges do you want to buy,hmm,they are sweet and succulent,i can sell everything at a discount for you,just you ma'm!"she said and flashed her perfect white set of teeth as she beamed with smile!That stunned the woman.A village girl with a perfect dentition.She became intrigued and assessed her even more!Behind the unkempt village girl,laid a potential model,for Annabel possessed the main qualities aside for stride,charisma and a good command of English,which of course can be treated and corrected within six months of non-stop tutoring.She had the face,body and height to go places!Above all,the smile that can melt the world!The woman asked a few more questions about herself,leaving with her,a card with her phone number to call!
  When she went home to share the news,her father as usual scorned her and her mother said nothing.She was confused and nearly gave up the idea of ever becoming a model.As she was deliberating on calling the woman whom she met two days back,a voice within reminded her strongly on how bad she wanted her life"s statement to change.She became more determined and made the call.That call changed her life for good.It was not easy,for she could not walk,pose,nor communicate fluently.Her colleagues made mockery of her and some would even tell her she was not meant to be anything good in her life,but she never gave up!She worked even more harder and with time,she was unbeatable!She is now a successful and international model!
   Now your story might be similar to the first two paragraphs of this write-up or might be different when it comes to your own life setting but still has something to do with people saying you are not good enough or people being jealous of you because of the potentials in you!Do not let people detect what you will become nor shrink you.It will not be is not even easy for me either!Let us not allow what happens around us affect how we shine.For when we shine so bright,others would struggle to do same!