Saturday, 20 April 2013

misunderstanding,,,,,,,,,,,a deadly weapon!!!!!!

1 have heard about and witnessed a lot of ships sink or wrecked because of the misunderstanding between or among people and even animals!!!!!!!!yeah animals e.g dog-fight.                                                                       The ships prone to this fiasco include relationship,friendship,partnership,courtship,,,,,,,,,etc!!!!!!!                         As for those of you who do not really know what it means for one to be misunderstood,                                                Misunderstanding is when two parties don/t see eye to eye on something at the same time,when two people argue about something from different perspectives,it is when two parties quarrel over an issue,or one mistaking someone"s action or actions to mean a different thing!!!!                                                                                     Now i could go on and on about the definition of misunderstanding  just that this write up might become boring to the reader,i hope you understand!!!!!!!!                                                                                                             Having explained that,let us look at misunderstanding as a deadly tool,why,,,,,,,,misunderstanding has scattered a lot of homes that were once happy,it has destroyed a lot of friendships that can never be repaired,it has annulled the contract between two partners and has destroyed many business associations and wrecked many relationships feeling hearts with hatred,bitterness,anger,envy,jealousy and even the urge to kill due to unresolved issues.                                                                                                                                                               Please be careful and mindful of these consequences because they are lethal,try as much as possible to understand someone for even a doctor can destroy a patient"s life because he didnot understand fully what the patient was complaining of,was not ready to listen to him or her neither pay attention to the body signs,he just jumped to his own conclusion ignoring the facts which was what the patient was telling him and guess what now,,,,,,the patient"s life is hanging on a thread,the doctor is panicking,,,,,,,,,,and a lot of people are saying,,,,,,,,,,omg,it is too late!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                             PLEASE,do not behave like the doctor,if you have issues settle them,if you do not understand why a person,a friend,your child,your sister,your brother,your neighbor,your spouse or even your pet is acting the way he,she or it is,ask,find out,discuss your opinion with them for it will go a long way to help a lot of ugly situations!!!!!   THANKS FOR READING AND UNDERSTANDING,,,,,,,,(lol)not misunderstanding,you no what i mean sweet things!!!!!!LOVE YOU GUYS,,,,,,,,HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND, RHODA!!!!!