Sunday, 28 April 2013

mistake,,,,,,,,,,,,an important component of success!!!!!

Mistake,an important part of success?
why is that so?
Falling down,slowing down,looking left,turning right,listening to the wrong people,refusing to do what you were supposed to do,etc are all forms of mistakes!!
If you don"t make a mistake,how will you know the right thing to do next time?
For me, mistake is committed once but a second or third time is a choice,we are bound to make mistakes as humans but fresh ones not repeated!!!!!!
Every successful individual today did not make it to the top by just folding his arms and flying without falling or faltering his steps but the one most important thing they did was to get back up once they fell or steady their feet once their steps were faltered with an even greater depth of determination!!!!!
So you see,,,!!!!
Mistake is definitely an important component of success!!!!!!!