Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Words and the tongue

 Words are like eggs dropped from great heights;
Tongues are those great heights from which words are dropped;
They are either wagging or wise!
Words have power,when spoken through the tongue,carry meanings in diversity!
Words can kindle fire in the minds of men,so can it melt the hardest of hearts!
Be mindful of your spoken words,they can haunt you forever,so are conceived words,which are being interpreted as thoughts!
Don't say words you don't mean.
Don't say something just because you want to feel good!
The wisdom behind spoken words is time!
Always understand there is time for everything!
There is a time for tease and a time for tears!
Time for smiles and time for sorrows!
Words should be spoken according to their time frames!
Remember,words are pale shadows of forgotten names!
They can bring justification and also,condemnation;
They can give birth to creation and also provoke convulsions!
They can ignite indignation and can also bring men to their knees!
They can become your testimony or your stigmas !
Be quick to hear but slow to speak,my dear friends!
For words spoken in haste do end up in regret!