Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Sunday, 31 May 2015

The true definition of a rare gem!

Nowadays,the use of the words rare gem to describe a figure in the society, or loved ones gone in their biography notes, cannot be over-emphasized!
Agreed,every human being has his or her own unique quality that distinguishes him or her from the rest  of the world,thereby making that person uncommon.
Do we really understand the qualities of a rare gem?
Do we realize that our characters in life should be related with the attributes of a rare gem?
Twelve precious stones were mentioned as foundations of the wall of the new Jerusalem.The characters of each,i will emulate!

Gemstone 1;JASPER
Jasper is the first of the twelve foundation stones!
It is opaque,fine-grained of dense variety of the silica chert.It has variety of colors, ranging from brick red to reddish brown,yellow,green and black.For thousands of years,black jasper was used to test gold-silver-alloys for their gold content.Legends have it that jasper brings joy and happiness to lives!
Can your life be a true picture of example for others to
Can you be a role model to others?
Do you bring joy to yourself,your family or the society?
Do you light up the faces of people?
Like black jasper,Jesus Christ will test our labor and service for gold on the last day!