Inspirational Prayer of the Day


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Time heals all wounds!

  Love takes time to heal when you're hurting so bad.I know most of you are already thinking,"oh!she's got her heart broken by a guy!'Well,I am sorry to disappoint you.I am actually talking about losing
a loved one to the cold hands of death!
I watched my friend,who recently lost her parents,cry her heart out and I began to imagine in my head,the pain she felt inside,unexplainable,I presumed!When I got home,I wept uncontrollably for her sake,then came the flashbacks!
  When I was thirteen,i lost my dear grandmother.I felt so terrible inside that I became angry at the world,because I didn't even get enough time to spend with her.She held a special place in my heart as she was the reason I am walking perfectly today.I felt a deep hole in my heart for a great deal of time,with hurt and pain I couldn't explain.Then gradually,I stopped being angry and the pain also stopped with time.
  I know it doesn't measure up to the pain my friend,or you are feeling right now,from losing a parent or both,a wife,a husband,a best friend,a child or anyone you held so close to your heart.If there is any consolation,find one in the fact that no matter how hard it is,time heals all wounds.Do not lose yourself!